Create Template


Creates a template that can then be used.

Securityapi_key or oauth2
Request Body schema:
Array of objects (SubTemplateRole)

An array of the designated signer roles that must be specified when sending a SignatureRequest using this Template.

Array of objects (SubFormFieldsPerDocumentBase)

The fields that should appear on the document, expressed as an array of objects. (For more details you can read about it here: Using Form Fields per Document.)

NOTE: Fields like text, dropdown, checkbox, radio, and hyperlink have additional required and optional parameters. Check out the list of additional parameters for these field types.

  • Text Field use SubFormFieldsPerDocumentText
  • Dropdown Field use SubFormFieldsPerDocumentDropdown
  • Hyperlink Field use SubFormFieldsPerDocumentHyperlink
  • Checkbox Field use SubFormFieldsPerDocumentCheckbox
  • Radio Field use SubFormFieldsPerDocumentRadio
  • Signature Field use SubFormFieldsPerDocumentSignature
  • Date Signed Field use SubFormFieldsPerDocumentDateSigned
  • Initials Field use SubFormFieldsPerDocumentInitials
  • Text Merge Field use SubFormFieldsPerDocumentTextMerge
  • Checkbox Merge Field use SubFormFieldsPerDocumentCheckboxMerge
Array of strings <binary>

Use files[] to indicate the uploaded file(s) to send for signature.

This endpoint requires either files or file_urls[], but not both.

Array of strings

Use file_urls[] to have Dropbox Sign download the file(s) to send for signature.

This endpoint requires either files or file_urls[], but not both.

Default: false

Allows signers to reassign their signature requests to other signers if set to true. Defaults to false.

NOTE: Only available for Premium plan and higher.

Array of objects (SubAttachment)

A list describing the attachments

Array of strings

The CC roles that must be assigned when using the template to send a signature request


Client id of the app you're using to create this draft. Used to apply the branding and callback url defined for the app.

object (SubFieldOptions)

This allows the requester to specify field options for a signature request.

Array of objects (SubFormFieldGroup)

Group information for fields defined in form_fields_per_document. String-indexed JSON array with group_label and requirement keys. form_fields_per_document must contain fields referencing a group defined in form_field_groups.

Array of objects (SubFormFieldRule)

Conditional Logic rules for fields defined in form_fields_per_document.

Array of objects (SubMergeField)

Add merge fields to the template. Merge fields are placed by the user creating the template and used to pre-fill data by passing values into signature requests with the custom_fields parameter. If the signature request using that template does not pass a value into a merge field, then an empty field remains in the document.

string <= 5000 characters

The default template email message.

object <= 10 items

Key-value data that should be attached to the signature request. This metadata is included in all API responses and events involving the signature request. For example, use the metadata field to store a signer's order number for look up when receiving events for the signature request.

Each request can include up to 10 metadata keys (or 50 nested metadata keys), with key names up to 40 characters long and values up to 1000 characters long.

string <= 200 characters

The template title (alias).

Default: false

Whether this is a test, the signature request created from this draft will not be legally binding if set to true. Defaults to false.


The title you want to assign to the SignatureRequest.

Default: false

Enable the detection of predefined PDF fields by setting the use_preexisting_fields to true (defaults to disabled, or false).


successful operation



Request samples
  • "client_id": "37dee8d8440c66d54cfa05d92c160882",
  • "title": "Test Template",
  • "subject": "Please sign this document",
  • "message": "For your approval",
  • "signer_roles": [
  • "cc_roles": [
  • "merge_fields": [
  • "field_options": {
  • "form_fields_per_document": [
  • "test_mode": true
Response samples
  • "template": {