API Apps are most commonly used by developers building with embedded workflows or OAuth. When an API App is created, a unique client_id is assigned to that API App, which is used in both the server and client side requests that make up embedded workflows.

A single account can own multiple API Apps, and they can be created and managed programmatically through the API App endpoints or through the web on Dropbox Sign's API settings page. Using multiple API apps is a great approach to managing custom branding on a per-signature request basis.

  • Configure an app's custom branding by calling Update API App
  • Change the client_id between calls to apply that branding on that respective app
The API App object contains an owner_account object that team admins can use for visibility into which accounts on the team have created API apps.

API App Endpoints

GET API App/api_app/{client_id}Returns an object with information about an API App.
List API Apps/api_app/listReturns a list of API Apps that are accessible by you.
Create API App/api_appCreates a new API App.
Update API AppPUT
Updates an existing API App.
Deletes an API App.