Dropbox Sign API Changelog

This page tracks changes to the Dropbox Sign API, SDKs, and documentation. The format may change, but the historical information will be kept intact.


changelog starting point

This first entry in the changelog contains updates that occurred over the course of this year. Future entries will have shorter, more specific ranges of time.



The following features are released in beta:


  • Resolved an issue where malformed queries on /signature_request/list and /template/list were throwing 500 errors instead of 400. [~ September]
  • Numerous bug fixes released to beta SDKs to improve interactions with files. [~ October]


  • Fully migrated to new documentation. [~ August]
  • New doc section added for managing multiple API keys. [~ October]
  • Fixed broken links on the Template schema page. [~ October]
  • Added an Overview page for Dropbox Sign Events (webhooks) and OAuth. [~ June]
  • Added a new section for App Approval to help customers get their apps approved for production. [~ July]
  • Disabled url encoding in Try it console, which was preventing querying on list endpoints. [~ October]