Events Overview

You can use Dropbox Sign Events to learn about actions that happen in Dropbox Sign as they occur. This allows you to build automations that are triggered by an event in your eSignature flow, such as a template being created, a signature request being completed, or a signature request being declined by a required signer.

Note: you may see the terms "webhooks" and "events and callbacks" used interchangeably throughout documentation on this feature. They mean the same thing.

What are Dropbox Sign Events

Dropbox Sign Events, or webhooks, are messages about an event that are sent via POST request from Dropbox Sign's servers to a user-defined callback url. They allow Dropbox Sign to automatically send real-time event data to your app when triggered by an event (like a document being signed). You can think of webhooks as push notifications for servers.

How Events Are Sent

Events are sent as multipart/form-data POST requests. Some programming languages may require middleware tooling to parse the request and get to the message. More detailed information is available in our Events and Callbacks Walkthrough.

Events can be sent as either App Callbacks or Account Callbacks depending on your configuration. We recommend researching both and selecting the approach that makes the most sense for your app.

Event Names

Here is a list of webhook events that can be sent to your callback urls:

Event typeDescriptionAttached API object
signature_request_viewedThe signature request has been viewed.Signature Request
signature_request_signedA signer has completed all required fields on the signature request.Signature Request
signature_request_downloadableAn updated version of the signed PDF is available for download.Signature Request
signature_request_sentThe signature request has been sent successfully.Signature Request
signature_request_declinedThe signature request was declined by a signer.Signature Request
signature_request_reassignedThe signer has reassigned their signature request to a different party.Signature Request
signature_request_remindAll signers have been sent a reminder to complete the signature request.Signature Request
signature_request_all_signedAll signers have completed all required fields for the signature request. Reliable indicator that the final PDF is ready to be downloaded using /signature_request/files.Signature Request
signature_request_email_bounceAn email address for one of the signers on your signature request has bounced. Can be corrected using /signature_request/update.

Note: For UI requests, callback and email are sent only when documents do not have a signature page attached, otherwise only an email notification is sent.
Signature Request
signature_request_invalidAn error occurred while processing the signature request data on our back-end. Can be caused by invalid text tags or other errors with data used in the signature request.Signature Request
signature_request_canceledThe signature request has been canceled.Signature Request
signature_request_expiredThe signature request has expired, signers who failed to sign will be marked expired.Signature Request
signature_request_preparedThe signature request has been prepared but not sent.Signature Request
signature_request_signer_removedA signer has been removed in an embedded signature request.Signature Request
file_errorThe file provided in your signature request couldn't be converted.Signature Request
unknown_errorAn unknown error occurred while processing a signature request.Signature Request
sign_url_invalidThe embedded sign URL you provided is invalid or expired.Signature Request
account_confirmedA Dropbox Sign account created through one of your apps has been confirmed.Account
template_createdA template has been created.Template
template_errorThere was an error while creating your template.Template

Securing your Callback Handler

Reference our section on securing your callback handler, in the Events Walkthrough, for steps you can take to ensure that your callback handler is safe.