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This type of callback URL is set up at the API app level. API apps are used to identify a partner integration and configure embedded flows (embedded signign, embedded requesting, and embedded templates) and OAuth providers

All events that involve signature requests created by an API app are reported to this URL. The event will include a client_id field to indicate which app the event is being reported for, which allows multiple API apps to share the same callback URL.

You can manage your apps and their callbacks from the settings page.

Securityapi_key and oauth2
Request Body schema:

API App Callback Payloads --
Events that are reported at the API App level through the Event callback URL defined in your API settings for a specific app. The Event callback URL can also be updated by calling Update API App and passing a callback_url.

object (EventCallbackApiAppRequestPayload)

successful operation

Request samples
  • "json": {