Account CallbacksWebhook

This type of callback URL can be set up at the account level (either by setting it through an API request to "/v3/account" or on the Account Settings page on

All signature request events that involve your account are reported to this URL. This includes events such as receiving a signature request, or when a signature request you've sent is signed by someone. Events are reported to the account callback URL for either requests originating on, or on a partner site, via an embedded flow.

You can set your account callback by using the account API call or manually on the settings page.

Securityapi_key and oauth2
Request Body schema: multipart/form-data

Account Callback Payloads -- Events that are reported at the Account level through the the Account callback URL defined in your API settings. The Account callback URL can also be updated by calling Update Account and passing a callback_url.

object (EventCallbackRequestEvent)

Basic information about the event that occurred.

object (AccountResponse)
object (SignatureRequestResponse)

Contains information about a signature request.

object (TemplateResponse)

Contains information about the templates you and your team have created.


successful operation

Request samples
  "event": {
    "event_time": "1348177752",
    "event_type": "signature_request_sent",
    "event_hash": "3a31324d1919d7cdc849ff407adf38fc01e01107d9400b028ff8c892469ca947",
    "event_metadata": {
      "related_signature_id": "ad4d8a769b555fa5ef38691465d426682bf2c992",
      "reported_for_account_id": "63522885f9261e2b04eea043933ee7313eb674fd",
      "reported_for_app_id": null
  "signature_request": {
    "signature_request_id": "fa5c8a0b0f492d768749333ad6fcc214c111e967",
    "title": "Purchase Agreement",
    "original_title": "Purchase Agreement",
    "subject": "Purchase Agreement we talked about",
    "message": "Please sign and return.",
    "metadata": {},
    "created_at": 1570471067,
    "is_complete": false,
    "is_declined": false,
    "has_error": false,
    "custom_fields": [],
    "response_data": [],
    "signing_url": null,
    "signing_redirect_url": null,
    "files_url": "",
    "details_url": "",
    "requester_email_address": "",
    "signatures": [
        "signature_id": "78caf2a1d01cd39cea2bc1cbb340dac3",
        "signer_email_address": "",
        "signer_name": "John Doe",
        "signer_role": null,
        "order": null,
        "status_code": "signed",
        "signed_at": 1346521550,
        "last_viewed_at": 1346521483,
        "last_reminded_at": null,
        "has_pin": false,
        "has_sms_auth": false
    "cc_email_addresses": [],
    "template_ids": null,
    "client_id": null