Team endpoints give administrators the ability to programmatically manage their team. The data inside the Team object gives admins valuable insight into current team members, outstanding invites, and remaining signature requests the team has left in their quota.

For more information about team roles on API Plans, this Help Center article: Team roles on Api plans can be a helpful resource for better understanding how users can interact with the API based on team role.

Team Endpoints

Get TeamGET
Returns information about your Team as well as a list of its members.
Get Team Info/team/infoProvides information about a team.
List Team Members/team/members/{team_id}Provides a paginated list of members (and their roles) that belong to a given team.
List Sub Teams/team/sub_teams/{team_id}Provides a paginated list of sub teams that belong to a given team.
Create Team/team/createCreates a new Team and makes you a member.
Update TeamPUT
Updates the name of your Team.
Delete Team/team/destroyDeletes your Team.
Add User to Team/team/add_memberInvites a user (specified using the email_address parameter) to your Team.
Remove User from Team/team/remove_memberRemoves the provided user Account from your Team.