Unclaimed Draft

The Unclaimed Draft endpoints are used to create a Draft, which gives your end-users the ability to prepare signature requests. Users can upload files, place signer fields, and then either send the signature request or sign it directly (based on your configuration).

The most popular use case is for Embedded Requesting, where the API app owner creates the draft and their end-users prepare the signature request and then send or sign from within your app. The entire experience is embedded in your integration so the user never leaves your surface.

The Unclaimed Draft object returned by requests to these endpoints contains the claim_url, which is what end-users need to "claim" the draft and interact with the signature request they're creating. The object also contains useful information such as the signature_request_id and time until the draft expires if it remains unclaimed.
Create Embedded Draft/unclaimed_draft/createCreates a new Draft that can be claimed using the claim URL.
Create Embedded Unclaimed Draft/unclaimed_draft/create_embeddedCreate a signature request "Draft" that can be embedded into your app -- allowing the user to edit, sign, or send a signature requests without ever leaving your app.
Create Embedded Unclaimed Draft with Template/unclaimed_draft/create_embedded_with_templateCreate a new embedded Draft of a signature request based on an existing template.
Edit and Resend Unclaimed Draft^^/edit_and_resend/{signature_request_id}Create a new Draft based on an existing signature request that can be edited, signed, or sent sent by the user completing the draft.