Bulk Send Job

Bulk Send Job endpoints provide tools for monitoring bulk send requests, which are a great solution for documents you need to send to a large number of individual signers at once. Popular use cases for bulk send requests are event waivers, permission slips, etc.

You can perform a bulk send request by calling Bulk Send with Template (/signature_request/bulk_send_with_template) or Embedded Bulk Send with Template (/signature_request/bulk_create_embedded_with_template).

Bulk send requests work with single signer templates, and a CSV containing each signer's name and email address that you provide at the time of creating your bulk send request. Bulk send requests can be sent to batches of 250 signers at a time. A walkthrough of how to format your CSV and complete a bulk send request can be found here: Sending Bulk Requests with Dropbox Sign.

The Bulk Send Job object can be used to monitor bulk send jobs with helpful information such as the bulk_send_job_id, the number of requests contained in the bulk send job, and when the bulk send job was created.

Bulk Send Job Endpoints

Get Bulk Send Job/bulk_send_job/{bulk_send_job_id}Returns the status of the BulkSendJob and its SignatureRequests specified by the bulk_send_job_id parameter.
List Bulk Send Jobs/bulk_send_job/listReturns a list of BulkSendJob that you can access.