Warnings and Errors

If an error or warning occurs, we'll return either an error or warning object in the JSON response. These can also be viewed in the API Reference documentation.

Example Warning

A response may contain one or more warnings. Check out the list of warning names below to learn more about the possible values of warning_name and their meaning. Here is an example of the JSON structure of the response:

    "warnings": [
            "warning_msg": "This SignatureRequest will be placed on hold until the user confirms their email address.",
            "warning_name": "unconfirmed"

Warning Names

List and details of possible warnings that can be returned.

Warning Description
unconfirmed The email address of the account making the Signature Request has not been confirmed. The Signature Request will be placed on hold until it is confirmed.
custom_field_value_too_long The value provided for a custom field is too long. The custom field will extend beyond the limits of its container and may not display the way you intended.
custom_field_values_too_long A summary of all values for custom fields that are too long
parameter_ignored One of the request parameters was ignored because it wasn't being used correctly
non_pdf_text_tags Text Tags were enabled for a file that is not a PDF, which may result in imprecise positioning.
form_fields_overlap Two or more of the form fields specified are overlapping, which may prevent signers from completing the document.
form_fields_placement Form fields must be placed within the document.
deprecated_parameter A parameter was provided which we no longer support. The value will be ignored.
parameter_conflict Two parameters have been provided which are in conflict. One parameter will be ignored.
parameter_missing An essential parameter was missing from the request and has been set to a default value.
partial_success The operation succeeded, but at least one non-essential part of the request failed.
test_mode_only A parameter was provided which will affect your app in test mode but will not affect it in production. Upgrade your account to use in production.
empty_value A non-essential parameter was provided but it does not have a value. The parameter will be ignored.
add_member A warning was generated while attempting to add a user to your team.
parameter_invalid A parameter was provided with an invalid value. The parameter will be modified or ignored.
oauth_grants_revoked OAuth user access grants have been revoked from this app due to a scope change.
cc_disabled The option to email a copy to the other signers and anyone CC'd is disabled for given account.
reassign_unsupported A template with signer reassignment was used on an endpoint that does not support it (e.g. bulk send with template). The template will still be used, but without signer reassignment enabled.
duplicate_template_ids Templates can only be used once in a signature request. A duplicated template ids was passed in the request.
value_too_precise The value for the parameter had a level of precision too high (e.g. expires_at have seconds level of granularity, instead of hour for time)

Example Error

A response may only contain one error at most. Check out the list of error names below to learn more about the possible values of error_name and their meaning. Here is an example of the JSON structure of the response (or error POSTed to your callback url):

    "error": {
        "error_msg": "Unauthorized user.",
        "error_name": "unauthorized"

Error Names

List and details of possible errors that can be returned.

Error Description HTTP Code
bad_request The request could not be understood by the server due to malformed syntax. The client should not repeat the request without modifications. 400
unauthorized The credentials you have supplied are invalid. 401
payment_required Your account must be credited before the requested action is possible. 402
forbidden The requested action cannot be performed in the current context. Most of the time this happens when trying to access resources you don't have access to. 403
not_found The server has not found anything matching the Request-URI. 404
conflict Your request was well-formed but it cannot be completed to a conflict of some kind. 409
team_invite_failed The team invite request has failed. Most of the time this means the person you've invited already belongs to a team. 403
invalid_recipient The email address you provided for the recipient is not valid. 400
signature_request_cancel_failed Could not cancel the Signature Request. Either you are not the requester or the Signature Request is fully executed. 400
signature_request_remove_failed Could not remove your access to the Signature Request. Either you are not a party to the request, or it is not yet fully executed. 400
maintenance The request could not be completed because we are currently performing site maintenance. 503
deleted The request was cancelled or deleted. 410
unknown An unknown error has occurred, please try again. Varied
unknown Unknown error. Please open a support ticket. 500
? Error retrieving result. 500
method_not_supported The HTTP method used is not supported for the API endpoint being called. 405
signature_request_invalid An error was detected with the signature request parameters during processing. N/A
template_error An error occurred while creating your template. N/A
invalid_reminder A signature request reminder attempt was invalid. This is usually due to the reminder being made against an embedded request N/A
exceeded_rate Your account's API request rate limit has been exceeded. 403
invalid_file A file was invalid. This is usually due to an unsupported file format or a file that exceeds maximum file sizes. N/A
unprocessable_entity An entity is invalid and the request can not be properly processed. 403
signature_request_expired The signature request is expired and therefore can no longer have the action performed on it. 400