The Account endpoints are primarily used to manage the accounts on your Dropbox Sign team. These methods can be used to create, delete, or verify a given account.

In addition to account management, you can also use the Account object to monitor your account's signature request usage in relation to your signature request quota.

Dropbox Sign offers an Account Creation Flow to help facilitate OAuth for new users.
The Account object returned by the account endpoints contains useful information including account_id, which can be passed in with requests to list endpoints and will return the resources that account has access to:

Account Endpoints

Get AccountGET
Returns the properties and settings of your Account.
Update AccountPUT
Updates the properties and settings of your Account.
Create Account/account/createCreates a new Dropbox Sign Account that is associated with the specified email_address.
Verify Account/account/verifyVerifies whether an Dropbox Sign Account exists for the given email address.