Bulk Send with Template


Creates BulkSendJob which sends up to 250 SignatureRequests in bulk based off of the provided Template(s) specified with the template_ids parameter.

NOTE: Only available for Standard plan and higher.

Securityapi_key or oauth2
Request Body schema:
Array of strings

Use template_ids to create a SignatureRequest from one or more templates, in the order in which the template will be used.

string <binary>

signer_file is a CSV file defining values and options for signer fields. Required unless a signer_list is used, you may not use both. The CSV can have the following columns:

  • name: the name of the signer filling the role of RoleName

  • email_address: email address of the signer filling the role of RoleName

  • pin: the 4- to 12-character access code that will secure this signer's signature page (optional)

  • sms_phone_number: An E.164 formatted phone number that will receive a code via SMS to access this signer's signature page. (optional)

    By using the feature, you agree you are responsible for obtaining a signer's consent to receive text messages from Dropbox Sign related to this signature request and confirm you have obtained such consent from all signers prior to enabling SMS delivery for this signature request. Learn more.

    NOTE: Not available in test mode and requires a Standard plan or higher.

  • *_field: any column with a _field" suffix will be treated as a custom field (optional)

    You may only specify field values here, any other options should be set in the custom_fields request parameter.

Example CSV:

name, email_address, pin, company_field
George, george@example.com, d79a3td, ABC Corp
Mary, mary@example.com, gd9as5b, 123 LLC
Array of objects (SubBulkSignerList)

signer_list is an array defining values and options for signer fields. Required unless a signer_file is used, you may not use both.

Default: false

Allows signers to decline to sign a document if true. Defaults to false.

Array of objects (SubCC)

Add CC email recipients. Required when a CC role exists for the Template.


The client id of the API App you want to associate with this request. Used to apply the branding and callback url defined for the app.

Array of objects (SubCustomField)

When used together with merge fields, custom_fields allows users to add pre-filled data to their signature requests.

Pre-filled data can be used with "send-once" signature requests by adding merge fields with form_fields_per_document or Text Tags while passing values back with custom_fields together in one API call.

For using pre-filled on repeatable signature requests, merge fields are added to templates in the Dropbox Sign UI or by calling /template/create_embedded_draft and then passing custom_fields on subsequent signature requests referencing that template.

string <= 5000 characters

The custom message in the email that will be sent to the signers.

object <= 10 items

Key-value data that should be attached to the signature request. This metadata is included in all API responses and events involving the signature request. For example, use the metadata field to store a signer's order number for look up when receiving events for the signature request.

Each request can include up to 10 metadata keys (or 50 nested metadata keys), with key names up to 40 characters long and values up to 1000 characters long.


The URL you want signers redirected to after they successfully sign.

string <= 255 characters

The subject in the email that will be sent to the signers.

Default: false

Whether this is a test, the signature request will not be legally binding if set to true. Defaults to false.

string <= 255 characters

The title you want to assign to the SignatureRequest.


successful operation



Request samples
  • "template_ids": [
  • "subject": "Purchase Order",
  • "message": "Glad we could come to an agreement.",
  • "signer_list": [
  • "ccs": [
  • "test_mode": true
Response samples
  • "bulk_send_job": {