App Approval Overview

Applications using certain features of the Dropbox Sign API are subject to an approval process before they can be used in production. Dropbox Sign reviews these apps to ensure they adhere to eSignature regulations and respect user security.

Do I need app approval? Customers implementing a non-embedded workflow do not need to complete the app approval process. Apps that don't require approval can remove test_mode and start sending production signature requests according to your subscription plan. Need a plan? Fill out this form to speak to a member of our sales team. Uncertain of your workflow? Review this article, The Difference Between Embedded and Non-Embedded.

Apps that Require Approval

Customers using the Dropbox Sign API to embed eSignature functionality (Embedded Signing, Embedded Requesting, and Embedded Templates) or authorize users with Dropbox Sign OAuth must submit their app for approval before it can be used in production.

We recommend working through our Go Live Checklist to help get your app into production.

Go Live Checklist

Make sure your app is complete and all features work as expected

Verify your paid API plan includes the features used in your app
  • Need a plan? Fill out this form to speak to a member of our sales team
  • NOTE: You can complete the app approval process prior to signing up for a paid plan, but you will not be able to make production calls until a paid plan is activated
Submit your app for production approval by following along with this guide: Submitting for App Approval

Once approved, make the following adjustments to your code:
  • Remove test_mode from your back end API requests
  • Remove skipDomainVerification from your client side embeds.
Review You've Been Approved guide for tips and frequently asked questions for customers that have successfully completed the app approval process.

Start using eSignature features in your production app!

App Review Criteria

We perform app reviews to check whether the Dropbox Sign API was implemented correctly, and to catch potential problems before your app goes into production.

The criteria we use when deciding whether or not an API app will be approved is:

  • The implemented Dropbox Sign workflow is complete (mockups will not be approved)
    • Pass — Demo shows full workflow experienced by users
    • Fail — Parts of workflow are missing or not shown in demo
  • The API was implemented correctly, ensuring there will be no issues when moving into production
    • This step is primarily to provide helpful recomendations to users and less about checking agains a pass/fail criteria

App Approval Process

You can get your app approved for production by submitting the form and following the guidance available on the Submitting for Approval page. Once submitted for review the following will occur:

  1. A dedicated API support expert will evaluate the app against the criteria above. If we need more informations or a live demo, we’ll contact you directly. We won’t reject any apps without direct contact.
  2. If the app meets App Review Criteria it’s approved for production!. We may send some suggestions on improvements we think would benefit your users.
  3. If the app doesn’t pass app review, we’ll reach out with specific feedback. Our team is available to offer direct support and guidance so your app can meet review requirements.