Adding eID authentication to your documents


1. Open the Admin Console from the user menu in the Dropbox Sign web page.
Screenshot of Dropbox Sign user menu
2. In the Admin Console, navigate to the Signature requests subsection of the Settings section. In the Signature Request Options subsection of the Signature requests section, navigate to the eID entry.
Screenshot of Dropbox Sign Admin Console
3. Activate eID authentication by selecting the switch control. Confirm your choice on the popup modal.
Screenshot of Dropbox Sign Admin Console with confirmation modal
4. If the activation is successful, a confirmation will appear at the top of the page
Screenshot of Dropbox Sign Admin Console with a success message

Reminder: eID authentication requires a per-request subscription. If needed, contact API support to change your subscription.

Dropbox Sign Website

1. When the Sender is assigning a Signer, the option to “Enable eID” will be present. Check the checkbox.
Screenshot of Dropbox Sign sending page
1. Confirm in the modal that eID should be enabled for this request
Screenshot of Dropbox Sign sending page with a confirmation modal

Please note that:

  • When eID is enabled, the request can only be sent to one signer. Therefore, the signer cannot be re-ordered or reassigned.
  • The Sender will get confirmation modal. Click “Enable” to confirm that eID will be required for this document.



1. Add is_eid on your request, with a value of true.

Supported endpoints:


1. Set up an embedded request. See the embedded request walkthrough for details.
2. When sending the initial API request, set the value of the force_signer_roles to true. This will enable the requester to see the signer step.
3. Inside the embedded iFrame, follow the instructions in the "Dropbox Sign Website" section above to enable eID.

Supported endpoints:

Please note that:

  • Using eID authentication on the API still only allows one signer.
  • eID authentication cannot be used in test_mode.
  • eID authentication does not support Embedded Signing. The Enable eID option will not be available if is_for_embedded_signing is set to true.